Thursday, 30 August 2012

Weighing the cat

There is an article on the bbc website about procrastination including a short story about someone who was found to be avoiding starting something by literally weighing the cat. Apparently he didn't feel he could proceed without this vital bit of data. Therefore, the family now referred to procrastination as "weighing the cat". And that is what I am doing at the moment....I have a large pile of job descriptions to evaluate but I am finding it rather difficult to start. However, I did read an excellent piece of advice some years ago when in this situation - if you are finding it difficult to start something just start it and the rest is easy. So I may be about to finish weighing the cat and just starting work.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Old friends

In Horsell Scout and Guide HQ there is a notice baord with all the names of those getting Queens Guide between 1971 and 1983 or so. The first 4 names are Shirley Lovelace, Kathryn Green, Denise Cheeseman and Georgina Cheeseman and today the four of us were altogether to celebrate Horsell Guides 40th birthday. To be truthful the first 2 were from 3rd Horsell Guides - which is the unit whose birthday it was - and the second two from 1st Horsell Guides - now closed. Also there was one of the first leaders, Jill Wadley, as well as another of the original Guides - Lorraine Harvey. What is amazing is that we hadn't changed that much. There were still fond memories of Guiding and a lot of news to exchange. We had a great time!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

4G - great evening lots of posts filled!

Anytime you plan a major event you need a lot of help. For Camp 4G in August next year we need people to help with activities, PR, camping grounds, service team, admin etc. However, with a lot of hard work we are gradually filling the key roles - watch this space for further news!


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Saturday, 23 June 2012

21st Century Comms

Surrey West are bang up to date as we launch a DVD on You tube and a facebook page aimed primarily at girls of Senior Section age. Look at and you can see both. Next stop - Twitter!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A great role model

On June 22nd one of our Trefoil Guild members in Walton on Thames reaches 100. To celebrate she is doing a sponsored swim. If that isn’t amazing enough, I am told she is an amputee. They make them special in Walton, don’t they!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sorry for the long gap

Sine the last post appears to be from March - and I have only just released the April one - it does seem a long time since I blogged. However, things have been busy in life, work and Guiding.  Life - boomerang children are keeping us on our toes.  I like having them but I am not too keen on the boxes, extra furniture etc.  And there do seem to be an enormous number of shoes in the hell nowadays.
Work - angry client keeps asking me to do work but we are very very busy and I am working in Zurich quite a lot at the minute so the last thing I want to do is help her when I just get beaten up about things.  So I work out what things will cost then double it - might as well get paid for the aggravation.
Guiding - seems to be booming at the mo.  Commissioners and Advisers Air and Share went well - lots of ideas for growing guiding etc.  Census still dragging on with the final few still to pay.   Our numbers are now just short of 10000.  A great Geocaching badge launched.  Lots of work done at HW - including a clean sheet for the water supply.  Best of all though - we have permission to have the song we wanted on the DVD we are  making.  And lots lots lots more.